Implemented Mass leave personal conversations


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I absolutely agree, there needs to be a check box beside them so that you can select one/some/all similar to how you can check mail in google depending on your needs.


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Chiming in here. +1 I have multiple pages of pc's I'd love to get rid of but just don't have the time to go to each one and leave it. ugh.

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Okay so i transferred my phpbb to vb and then to xenforo thanks to help from steven.

I now have 65 unread conversations with no way to wipe them apart from visiting each one.

Would it be possible to get a mass delete and mass mark as read options in conversations?


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That's why I already have it in my migration plan to delete all of mine first :D

And everyone elses...;)


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So, what is the magic way to mark all Conversations as read? I finally figured out how to get the alerts balloon to shut off, but I notice in my conversation list, they are still all bold and marked with the blue indicator. I ran the following two queries on my own account to get to this point... I eventually want to run these on everyone's Conversations, to get a fresh start.

update xf_conversation_user set is_unread = 0 where owner_user_id = 3;
update xf_conversation_recipient set last_read_date = '0' where user_id = 3;
Edit: the balloon still appears when I get a new message, and still has the wrong count in it.


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My unread count is working properly now, but I didn't really do anything other than mess about in the database as I mentioned above. I've been too busy getting the forum set up and rearranged, and I almost forgot about this problem.


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The Conversations functionality in XenForo's current state is rather underdeveloped (example and example) yes. But I am sure (assuming) that XF 1.1 will give us more sophisticated functionality for the Conversations area. The Conversations concept is such a great thing! :

Bytheway... I totally love the fact that there are no 'sent items' (or ditto folder for that matter) at all anymore. Every single reply in a conversation is combined into 1 single conversation 'thread'... the thought that has been put into this refreshing communication system is just great.