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As designed [1.4.8] Personal conversations ordering issue


Well-known member

On the top right there is an "Inbox" link, on my forum when I pass my mouse over it I get:

Conversation N
Last message by someone, June 20

Conversation X
Last message by someguy, June 10

Conversation Q
Last message by $myself, today 12:03
Conversations N and X have 0 replies. Btw when I go to forums/conversations I get:

Conversation Q
Started June 27, last message today 12:03

Conversation B
Started June 23, last message June 23

Conversation N
Started June 20, last message June 20

Conversation X

Started June 10, last message June 10

More already read conversations...
So it looks like there is an inconsistency/issue in how the ordering is being established.


Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
This is expected.

The pop up is designed to show you your most recent unread conversations first, then a selection of your read conversations within the time frame defined here:


Assuming that your settings are the same then the correct order is conversations N, X and Q. Conversation B wouldn't be shown because it is older than 72 hours since the last message.