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I am plodding through the Resource Manager editing its Phrases. Quite a long job just to change "Resources" to "Articles."
I don't mind doing this once and I'm making a list of the changed Phrases as I go. But doing it repeatedly on several different sites is going to be real drudgery.

Is there any way I can mass edit lots of different Phrases?
Once you have made the changes on your first site, you can export the English language, limited to the RM extension, and import it on your other sites (select the "overwrite" option, it will only overwrite the matching phrases). Still have to do it once, though.
Thanks Moon and sympathies Edrondol.
I'll see if I can make my list available.
To complete the solution of ManOnDaMoon, you can export the English language file for XFRM and then proceed to your changes. Find a nice editor to perform your replacements (free: notepad2, Notepad++, editpad lite ; paid: editpad pro). If you know some basic regex, it can be very very fast and more accurate. Which means instead of editing one by one your phrases (... which is quite a crazy task - sorry :p ), it takes you about 3 minutes to do what you want. Then you import the modified language of XFRM with overwriting the English language (what has explained ManOnDaMoon to you) and the job is done.
Yes Cedric it is a crazy task but I prefer small steps safely. Because I am not skilled like you. Yet ;)
Teu teu, you certainly already did a search & replace with Word. It's exactly the same thing with an editor.
Search: Ressources
Replace: Articles

Just one thing to remember, use the "case sensitive" search to keep the correct case.
OK I am studying this.
When an addon has an XML file - is that what it does? It contains the Phrases for the addon?
The phrases, the templates, the listeners, etc. But no need to modify this xml directly (which is used to installed the addon). Do what Manondamoon told you:
export the language and select the addon in the export options. You will have there only the phrases of this addon.
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