XF 1.5 Mass edit posts

I need to delete the following text from ALL posts on the forum. Can anyone help me with a phpMyAdmin query?

I ran the query twice, and nothing happened. The text in question is still in the posts. Steps taken:

1) Choose the XenForo database in phpMyAdmin
2) Select the Query tab
3) Paste the command and press Submit Query

There was no confirmation or a message after I pressed submit.


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1) Choose the XenForo database in phpMyAdmin
2) Select the xf_post table
3) Select the SQL tab
4) Paste the command and edit as needed, press Go


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You may be seeing a cached version of the post. If you edit a post in question, is the text you wanted to remove still there?
@Jeremy yes, the text is still there even when trying to edit, so it's not cached.

@AndyB When I select the xf_post table prior to selecting the SQL tab, the query box is automatically populated with the following on line 1:

SELECT * FROM `xf_post` WHERE 1


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That would suggest the query does not match the content.

Double check the content you are targeting by using the bb code editor.
@Brogan I did use the bb code editor. The original query resulted in 1 rows affected, but that did not delete the actual text from the posts. Then I used instructions in @AndyB 's follow-up post, and that results in 0 posts affected.