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Mark Threads Done - Allow users to mark threads as complete (change the prefix and lock the thread automatically).

Let your users designate when their thread has ended. This add-on allows you to select, on a per node basis, a "done" prefix. If the user has permission to either mark their own thread done or any thread done, they'll see a link by the thread tools menu that allows them to "Mark As {prefix}". This automatically locks the thread and assigns the prefix to the one selected.

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Check to allow the feature and select the "done"...

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Nice add-on.
If a thread already has some other prefix (or prefixes w/multi-prefixes add-on), will this "Mark Done" prefix be added in the front in addition to existing prefixes or will it wipe out existing prefixes and replace it.
This might be a silly question. But you can easily change 'Done' to something else right?
Yes. It's really whatever prefix you select. For example I use it for suggestions on XenMods so for the Open Suggestions board it's called "Marked Implemented" ('Implemented' is the prefix I use for implemented suggestions).
This might be a silly question. But you can easily change 'Done' to something else right?

Yes. I use it to mark threads SOLD in my classifieds section. Its just the thread prefix you choose.

Can this add-on be applied to ONLY specific forums rather than the entire forum site?

Yes. It can also use different thread prefixes on a forum by forum basis.
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I'm looking for something similar, but I need to allow my members to choose between 2 or more different prefix (i.e: successful, problematic)

Also each will perform different actions. It would be nice if I can choose to change the prefix and move it to a designated forum if I choose to do so when the the thread OP perform the action.

I'm willing to pay for theses additional features. If possible, @Xon can you give me a quote to add this?

I had already installed the Mark Threads Done addon and set "Allow users to mark threads done with prefix:" option (see bellow)

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.12.41 PM.webp

But in that forum, I cannot see the function (Button) to let mark the thread done.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.12.41 PM.webp Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.13.47 PM.webp

How can I do to let this function appear?

@bhkien it should be next to the thread tools dropdown menu.

Make sure the "Mark thread by anyone done" or "Mark thread by self done" have been assigned to moderators/users as required.

I've updated the overview to describe that this is permission driven.
@Xon Would it be possible to change this (or maybe optional) so it doesn't change the prefix. Maybe to set a "done" flag in the db and in threadlist there appears a small checkmark? Would pay for the development (of course) ;)
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I am curious how this interacts with Multi-Prefix. For instance, I have a "classifieds" sub-forum that allows the prefixes "Looking to Buy" "For Sale" "Free" and "Trade". Someone can use the "For Sale" and "Trade" prefix simultaneously. Then, when the deal is done, and they use the "Mark Threads Done" button, does this wipe out both prefixes and set the "completed" prefix (however you configure it for that forum)?

I'm guessing the answer is yes.

Then the question becomes, what happens when you revert a "done" to not done (revert the marking) when there were multiple prefixes selected?
So if I understand this right, if a thread has multiple prefixes and gets marked as done, the existing prefixes are all wiped and the "done" prefix gets set.

If this thread then gets unmarked as done (reversed) - then only one of the 2 (or 3, or 4) previously set prefixes is re-set? Which one?
That's why i would prefer some other solution then a thread prefix. :) I would still be up to pay for the development.
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