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You have a big board here and a lot of work to moderate it. But i guess that your daily steps are not the same like in some other forums.
Because of this you may dont see the need of some tools?

Here is an example from the last minutes_

Added ten new threads, mark them, set the prefix and hurray! all the selected threads are not selected any more.
Maybe i could try to go back by browser? Maybe.

My next step? I have to mark another eight of these ten to add another prefix, then i select again two of them and add a third prefix.
(Better give ten two prefixes and delete two, we try every trick to save clicks and time)
Then i understand that i have added all ten threads to the wrong forum. No problem, again i select them all.

Oh! I do this with a really small checkbox, so small und nice, i love to have it. But i hate to hit it with the mouse!
No problem, i can increase the font by mouse-wheel.

In other words. With a small checkbox near the mod-options you can help me to hold all thread selected for a second, third or tenth step.
If not i select 30, 40 times the same ten threads again and again and again, day by day and dream about to have another job.

And you are not alone. The new add-on for scheduling threads can be used thread by thread.
So i guess that Mr. Nobita never had to mod a larger forum.

In this way i can tell hours and hours about missing checkboxes, complicated ways, to many clicks and hope that you as programers may have the same problems one day, because then they will be fixed very fast, i guess.

About the prefixes: In some forms i just can write "Xe" and "xenforo" apears to be clicked.
In other fields: no chance - use the mouse, Luke, use the mouse! (from Starwars, bad joke, because i am are a damned mouse-clicker and not a mighty jedi)

Maybe it is a good idea to leave the ivory tower sometimes?
But maybe i am just an idiot and dont understand that all these missing things give work to programers producing add-ons.

And hey, last week i have asked one of the companies here for a job - they wanted to have 900 (nine hundred!) euro for this job and make a lot of blabla why this is needed. I was so angry about these criminals that i have done it for my self. And wow, i was done in one day from someone without skills to take money for add-ons.

I am sorry, i am really angry about to many clicks today.
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