Manual Customer Verification

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Take a second and visualize your future, imagine yourself in the next ten years from now. Imagine every aspect of your life that you consider ideal. Forget the expectations and standard laid down by your friends, parents, spouses and the community and walk in that path you have for yourself. For a second ignore all those loads of expectations and concentrate on what you think you want for yourself, something that will make you happy.

And when you are done imagining that perfect moment, I want you to ask yourself what could make you any more happy than freedom to be yourself and the freedom to obtain that dream?

A good and ideal life is not defined by how much money we make, it is not defined by the houses we live in and the cars we drive, but how happy we are doing with what we love doing. I challenge you all to consciously think about your future and your passion for your freedom. I have never heard of people who failed by following their passions. Success is always attracted to passion and tenacity to achieve despite mounting odds.


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Tom Emery

Manual Customer Verification.
The simple point of this thread is to simply verify that you are indeed a valid customer of XenForo, when seeking private support or custom work from another member (customer). This thread is to merge all such verifications into a single place.

You need only post in this thread once (anything) to verify that you are a customer. No personal details or even your site's name is required.

Thank you for your time and your support. (y)

If you are a valid customer, but are unable to post here. Please add your forum user name to your account.

Note: Liking a post is note the same as posting. You must post here.
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