Mandrill reputation - confused

I have been using Mandrill as my SMTP solution. All works fine, but today I logged in to discover my reputation is now "poor".

What's confusing me is that my delivery rate is > 99%, I have 0% spam rate and a 0.7% bounce rate - fantastic stats.

In fact, I have no idea why my account now has a poor reputation. I can't contact support as I have no funds in my account, and I can't add funds because I have a poor reputation!!

I only use Mandrill for system emails sent by Xenforo.

Does anyone have any experience of this?
I also use Mandrill and was wondering the same.

After some research, this is what I found...

Mandrill uses many heuristics to define an account's reputation. We look at how many bounces, spam complaints, unsubscribes, and failed content reviews the account has to set the reputation value. So for example, the more bounces and spam complaints you see relative to your overall sending volume, the lower your reputation will be.
Learn more about the factors we use to determine account reputation and how to improve a Poor reputation.

Maybe you received a flurry of spam complaints for whatever reason. I wasn't familiar with Failed Content Reviews. There are several items that are included in this, one being shortened URL's. So if you're using a URL shortening service in your emails, this could contribute to your "poor" reputation. Read more about it here -

I would have thought the CTR would have some bearing effect on reputation but I didn't see it listed.

The main link above should also provide you with some additional resources around Reputation. Hope this helps a bit.


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Do you guys have the SPF and DKIM records setup correctly?

If you have a lot of bounces / complains you will get a bad reputation. Check the reports!
Mine is excellent over the last 7 and 90 days.