Add-on Reputation system

Ok, so I'm looking for a free reputation system like the one over at http S://

I like the layout and have looked at multiple forums for a reputation system and this looks the best to me!

Now if possible I would like:
- No bad Reputation
- +Rep Button added
- 100 Rep power to 1 Rep point
- after 1 bar it can change colours (First bar red filtering into green)

I would like it to work exactly like there games reputation system if that's at all possible

Here is a direct link to how users think it works
It seems like our title system is similar to that. The user gains trophies through things like getting likes, messages etc and as they gain trophy points they move up the title ladder. You can customize both the titles and the trophies. It could be a quick way to get something like that. You could even name each title tier (Reputation level 1, etc )
I'm trying to wrap my head around this, as we are searching for something similar.

I like the idea of utilizing what Xenforo offers by default, instead of using yet another add on, so they will update and support it long term.

In VB, we used an add on that used rep points.

It was a great way for members to gauge whether another member was credible or not.

Our forums are based on teaching and helping people learn how to do things like grow, process and consume their own medicine, build a green house, read reviews on a specific product or service before buying, etc.

A lot of time, energy, money and health can go into these kinds of projects, and forums are full of shady, lying salespeople with fake reviews. So it's nice to be able to see what kind of history this person has, before blindly accepting their feedback.

My question is, what kind of creative way can this be setup to do what I need here?

Thank you for any ideas and explanations, I am truly grateful.
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I like the idea. If you find some ways to implement the setup, I will love to know about it.
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