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I have a usergroup change I'm wondering if I can automate or at least notify me.

Basic members must have 6 months membership and a minimum of 7 posts.
They can then be considered for the next level.

I guess all I can do is run a search on 7 posts on the basic group, once every couple of weeks.
You can try this.

Admin Control Panel --> Users --> User Groups --> User Group Promotions --> Create New Promotion --> Promotion Options --> Add user to user groups --> Select Group --> Apply This Promotion While --> User Groups: User is a member of any of the selected user groups --> Content and Achievements: User has posted at least X messages --> User has been registered for at least X days.

Edit: Every 20 minutes the cron job is executed for promotions groups.
Morgain, I was just going to post on how to add a membership level to my forum...we have grown exponentially in one year, so we have decided to add a "sponsoring member" type user, who will pay a yearly fee, which we want to automatically did you do this?

I have sponsori members yes - so far it's laborious external lists :(
There's a shopfront addon almost ready will help me - sponsor usergroup can pay by paypal or otherwise - of otherwise I can manually update their subscription as paid.

I can also use waindigo's social forums to create a personal forum per sponsor for admin communication with them - support, info etc.

What we dont have is adequate searches to identify what users are doing. eg "member joined 6 months ago" triggers alert to me to get them processed upwards.
Orindeed "user has less than 6 posts in 6 months" - for heavens sake that is really ueful. I have tiny boards so i do searches individually - or scan our memberlist which is customised to show join date, last visit.

Needs another addom.
Hmmm...there has to be a better way...I just want users to pay a yearly fee and for it to automatically charge them in a year...I guess I can probably just d that via PayPal...thank you for the quick answer!
I have been trying to figure out how those upgrades work ;)

Just like I am trying to figure out how to add a title for my premium far nothing is working :mad:
Ok, so I have the user upgrade done, but now I need to figure out how to get it to work ...for instance, how do users sign up for the paid sponsoring membership? Where do they go to do this? Thanks for your help!
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