Duplicate Making the ACP responsive.

Lone Wolf

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I'm loving the responsive public forums in XF 1.2 but as soon as I access the ACP it's like I've stepped back in time.

I think it would be fantastic if the ACP was responsive too so that us Admins could work on the ACP on the move.

I don't think any of the other forum solutions have this implemented and if XenForo did it then it may sway more of the people who matter (the Admins) to move over to XenForo.

Any plans for this in the pipeline?


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Regardless if other forum systems do it (none do to my knowledge), it'd be best if it was done to not make entering the Admin CP feel like you're on a completely different site. That's just how it feels for me anyways, at least on mobile.

Also, I will note that compared to the average 21 year old I have *extremely* poor vision, so for me it's a pita to have to zoom in to see things.