Lack of interest Make xf alert 3rd party dev. friendlier



ATM the xf alert have the errorOverlay class.

If you would make this changeable (for example add a new parameter to the alert method) we could use the alert box for own add-ons.
I've started using it for several projects (for example: ) but i stopped it and implemented a own method, because i don't wanted to have the errorOverlay class.

I'm not sure if it's possible to change it dynamic, because i'm no js & jquery pro and i hadn't found any trigger event there....
So i implemented several own methods for this (which i have to refactor and move to my framework, so i can use it for all my add-ons), but it's IMHO better if it's in the core.

We would need only 1 extraparam for the class string. If it's not set, use "errorOverlay",...

Hope you know what i mean