Lack of interest Create some usefull Installhelper Classes for 3rd party devs



Once the coders start creating add-ons with own content & node types, it gets really tricky, when it comes to creating the install & deinstall code.

IMHO it would be much cooler(and easier), if the xf framework would handle all this stuff.
You could provide a class, where we would only need to give the params and xf would do the work.

for example the install code could look like:
array containing the content type and the fields
$contentTypeArray = array(
  'ragtek_article'  =>  array
The same could be done with node types

With this, also the deinstallation would be much easier.
While the deinstallation, xf have the add-on id, so it could query all the content types for this add-on =>(for deleting of the attachments, likes, alerts,moderation center items, report center items, etc...)

(see also this thread ;) )

The best solution would be, to give us also a nice UI in the admincenter to manage all this stuff, so we wouldn't need to take care of anything.
Create content/node type, associate the classes and save the form:D


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I agree with this. Do I have to manually write the insert queries to create my content type? Also you might be able to answer this... why is there both content_type and content_type_field tables? Looks like they both do the same thing just with a different data structure? Is one a cache?