Make saved drafts available when editing a long post


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Copied from my thread in Bug Reports at at the suggestion of @Mike

My suggestion is to activate drafts when editing a long post (e.g., an article) as happens when you are creating the opriginal post.

"I just discovered this while editing a rather long post (regular Discussion format, not Article, although this may happen with the other formats too).

When composing the post, the drafts button was there as always.

However, I needed to leave my desktop for a while before I had completed the post and I didn't want to lose what I had written so far so I saved the post.

Later, when I went back to edit/finish the post, I had added quite a bit of new text when I accidentally hit something on the keyboard which bounced me to a new window.

I returned to the post to finish editing and discovered that everything I had added during the previous edit was gone and there was no drafts button to recover it.

I'm not using any editor toolbar modifying addons, although I have made some modifications using the Xenforo buttons editor and added a few custom BBcodes with Font Awesome icons.

I may be missing a setting somewhere but I can't find any setting anywhere to enable drafts in edit mode.

I can reproduce this here, as with this post."
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El Porcharo

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This is definitely something I would have needed over the last 3 months, and I would love to see implemented in future.
I needed to edit a lot of long posts and after facing that same issue I had to fall back to Google Docs by copy/paste/edit/copy/paste and thoroughly check again all the text formatting and links.


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I have only run into the issue once or twice but can see this being useful. I do a weekly feature in one of our forums and often start it early in previous week and edit as ideas come to me.