Make Prefixes appear on previous threads


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After getting advice I finally figured out how to set Prefixes as coloured buttons.
On this board they are default for each forum, not user option. I set each one to reflect the theme of the root Category for a group of forums.
They should show up in the different Category colours in a pretty (and informative) rainbow on Whats New? and searches.

However sadly they are only showing up for new threads since I did the setting.
This is going to take a long time to transition until we no longer have the threads appearing naked of their Prefix button. Actually some of my threads ae very long lasting if not permanent so this is really going to spoil this effect.

How can I make the default Prefixes I created attach to ALL threads regardless of whether they date before or after I set it?
After all a user signature changes retroactively so I don't see why this doesn't.