Make prefixes clickable when not in forum view


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Prefixes are great but they are not active (clickable) in new post lists, etc. One of the main problems with this is people try to click them, find they are not clickable, and then they don't know they can click on them inside the forum. So, not intuitive.

I understand prefixes use sort not search (like a tag), BUT that does not mean you could not activate them and you would land in that forum with the prefix sort result, same as if you clicked from inside that forum. Much like you can click a category from a new post list etc. and you will land there, but sorted.

Note: It's even more confusing from Latest activity since you can click it, but it's just part of the title click.

This is not a duplicate of the suggestion to make them clickable/global like tags. This one follows the logic of prefixes.

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Agree. I'm working on a new forum with 1M posts imported and I LIKE the colored prefixes. Looks great, especially as "Latest Activities" is my first and primary widget and the nice, new color prefixes look great, draw the eye, are different from vB but they aren't clickable!! Yikes!! I def need the link to be the search to the right forum or whatever it needs to be to work.
Hi - did anyone find a solution to this issue in the end?
Think this does what you want, if I'm right @Stuart Wright? It does cost but it's an easy solution, even if a lot of it is surplus to your requirements.

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