Make it less convoluted to stop receiving email for watched content.


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When I want to disable alerts or push for watched content, I can just go to my preferences and turn it off. This is simple and intuitive.

When I want to disable email for watched content, then its missing from this obvious page where it seems it should be. Instead I need to go to the content type (forum, media, resources, addon), find each of the watched lists to check if there is watched content, Manage Watched content, Disable Email for all, Confirm. Then go to the next list and the next content type. I have 16 addons with many content types. This is simply to complex and not suited for the average internet user.

Currently people get so confused and frustrated that their solution is to mark email as spam. With the default automatic email bounce processing you do not notice this, but when you keep an eye on complaint bounces then you see that it happens a lot. Talking to people that do this exposes this issue.

Please make it K.I.S.S. so that anyone can do it. Please make it so that a user can just go to preferences and turn it off.
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Absolutly. As far as I can tell by the feedback on my sites, the most frustrating for the average forums user and the #1 reason to delete their account (by a self delete addon).