Improve the Watch button to enable/disable email alerts easier


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So the new One-Click E-Mail Unsubscribe Header feature plus the existing bottom link makes it extremely easy to disable email updates from all threads in one go. That is nice. But the watch button here on XenForo does not provide an easy way to see if I am subscribed to email updates for the thread I am on. The only way is to unwatch and rewatch which is kind of cumbersome. Consider providing an indicator if the thread is watched with email updates maybe with an icon. Or make the unwatch button something like modify watch settings or something so that it is easier to manage subscriptions. also does not provide any indicator for threads with email alerts enabled. Just putting this out here. I used the option from XenForo emails to see how it works and well I am still trying to enable email alerts on important threads I like to keep an eye on. So I am basically doing the unwatch and watch every time I manually find these threads.
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