Not planned Make default avatar path customizable


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In XenForo 1 path to default avatars is tied to imagePath variable that is used for all style images, so avatars always have fixed location. This makes it hard to supply multiple sets of avatars for style because all style images would have to be copied as well.

It would be awesome if XenForo 2 would use separate style property for avatar path. Then it would be possible to switch default avatar sets for style without cloning all style images.

Chris D

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XF2 doesn't use images for default avatars at all.

Default avatars will either be the first letter of their username or if that is disabled, simply a grey background with a ?


They are not images, they are generated on the fly.

Chris D

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On that basis, I'll move this to "Not Planned" as it's not really implementable in its current form :)