Make all links nofollow


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Is it possible please to make all links posted by users, whether admin, moderator or not, nofollow?

I am sure I saw a file edit to do this but I can't for the life of me find it, search for "make all links nofollow" doesn't return much.

Thanks :)


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Similar to this:

That is the relevant file anyways. You should be able to force nofollow for everyone by editing this to always be true:

$options['states'] += array(
'noFollowDefault' => $options['noFollow']

can you explain little more which value exactly need to be replaced..

if (stripos($text, '[/attach]') !== false)

replace to

if (stripos($text, '[/attach]') !== true)



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Jake's code change above works great. Just change the bit after => to true (in the file library/XenForo/ViewPublic/Helper/Message.php), all links are then nofollow including admin and mods.


ok i know this is old but does this changing all links to no follow affect my own inner pages. I ran a test on my site and it shows this as no follow
<a href="find-new/posts" rel="nofollow">Recent Posts</a>
<a href="find-new/posts?recent=1" rel="nofollow">Recent Posts</a>