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Whenever I post a link to my forum it always looks like this...

So basically I add

/? after the url for all advertisers, sponsors and links.

That allows advertisers to search for that term in their google analytics and they can gauge traffic.


Now on to the good stuff...

I have gained a couple of advertisers because they saw the ? in their stats and they came to check out the site. In one case I actually ran a free little blurb on for the advertiser and they signed up for 3 months.

Is there a way to modify the system so that all links posted on the forum add
Is there a way to do this with route filters instead of commissioning an addon?
No, route filters are related to internal links.
Great idea, but you need to account for links that already include parameters.
Yes, it is something the developer would have to account for and no problem to make it not add the parameter if it's already present.
I add it on all the links i add manually but obviously not on the links members post, that is why some automation would be nice.
@AndyB was kind enough to make an extension for this called "link manager"

We are currently testing it on my site and I am pleased to announce it works perfectly for me.

If your'e not already subscribing to his extensions you might consider doing so, I use a ton of them for $35 a year.

It's the best deal going and he is very responsive when something comes up.

Great work Andy (y)

PS. He said he will release the extension in a couple of days as soon as we are sure there are no bugs.
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