Add All Registrants from a Particular Source to a Group on Registration?


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Hi guys!

So I'm trying to figure out how to add all registrants from a particular source to a group during registration.

I'm launching a new eBook to help kick off my forum, in a few hours.
And I'd like all those registrants to be tied to a specific group.

I plan to launch a few eBooks over the coming weeks - so each time I want to keep track of what product someone bought to get in... and give them access to a private forum specific to their purchase.

Any ideas on how I can manage that?




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A custom user field, drop-down, on registration that you use to promote them to a particular user group.

Jake Bunce

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Create a custom field:

Admin CP -> Users -> Custom User Fields

Create a promotion based on that custom field:

Admin CP -> Users -> User Group Promotions

This effectively allows the user to choose which group they are added to.