XF 1.5 Main Page and Forums page


I have the following question:

I want when people click on my forums for their link to be domain.com/forums instead of domain.com because i am thinking of adding a main page of my own which shall be the main page aka domain.com

Hopefully i managed to explain.

Basically i can always add the whole forum in a folder called /forums/ , but then stuff like members for example becomes /forums/members and i want for that to remain as domain.com/members

Thanks beforehand to everyone who can offer me some ideas about it

Server OS: CentOS 7
Using Centmin mod
Nginx version: 1.13.5


XenForo developer
Staff member
What you're after isn't really directly viable unless you're building your main page in XenForo as XF "takes over" the directory it's installed in (essentially all requests will be redirected to it). There may be some theoretical ways of doing it, but it's not something we'd recommend.

In this case, assuming the main page is independent, we could only recommend installing in a sub-directory, though yes that will change URLs.