XF 2.2 Help with Page and inserting node


This has been asked before. But I still can't figure itout.

I am creating a new Page that I will designate as the Home page for the site. The new page is called "Reviews and News"

I also have a node / forum called "Reviews and what else is on my mind" as an Articles node. I have made this node a child of "Reviews and News"

How can I get the "Reviews and what else is on my mind" to appear under the "Reviews and News" page so I can use that as a landing page for my site?

I have it somnewhat working here with a page but I cannot seem to get it to display the articles in grid layout as it does when going directly to the forum .

It simply displays the article. Have a look

I need this layout displayed instead. See how it is in grid ..

Ideally, I would like the forum page with the grid layout to be the landing page. But I need to add additional widgets to it and cannot seem to be able to do so. Is there a way of adding widgets to a forum page?

Or create a widget of a forum page and insert that into the template

See attached image. I would like to insert idgets where you see red lines.Screenshot 2023-06-05 085251.webp

Any clues ???

Thanks for your help in advance.

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