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I'm not sure what your point is.

The "Only generate a list of email addresses" is optional.
It is perfectly possible to send mass email to various groups and members, I have done it several times.

Select the criteria on that page, compose the email, click the button at the bottom labelled "Continue..."


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Brogan and Brett thank you - I had not noticed that option - so much to take in for a new XF admin.
I did look at that form in my first exploration phase. Now I look again in more detail it's a power feature.

I note

Email Body:

The following placeholders will be replaced in the message: {name}, {email}, {id}.

as useful too.

Brogan as you say you have used it
- can a recipient Reply to me by email on it? as it includes (one of) my email addresses?
Or is it only one way notices?