Loving my XenForo software

Ryan Kent

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After spending about 10 days investigating all the forum software options including free solutions like phpBB and MyBB, and also paid solutions like vB and IPB I decided to go with XF. It was a leap of faith because the forums are actually in beta, they don't have a lot of add-ons, etc. but between what I have seen and the incredible community here, I made a leap of faith. I am SO glad I did.

I started two weeks ago with ZERO knowledge of web programming. I had to read a few website articles to learn to make a "coming soon" web page since I wanted to keep my site hidden until it was ready. Between XF's extremely well thought out design, the many "how to" threads, the Q&A, and the many great add-ons which fill in the gaps, I am about 10 days from going live with a very high quality website.

Every day I work with the software, I find reasons to get excited. I always learn about more things you can do with XF, or more things it can do for me. I'll stop here before I sound like a paid advertisement (err...too late!). I'll share the latest minor discovery I made just now.

I was editing templates in the Admin Control Panel and was about to close the window when I noticed this small dot. I thought it was something on my monitor and then realized....it was an indicator XF provides admins to let them know a template has been changed! Look at the below image. The first pic is an unaltered template. In the second pic you will see a "x" on the second line, and notice the footer tab has the red dot. Later when I saved the template the red dot disappeared.

Sure, I know what you are thinking. There are sooo many things to get excited about with this software, but why this small feature? It's just the software is so incredibly well thought out. XF is at the end of it's beta period. All the software I have ever worked with at this stage had significant bugs and shortcomings, but not XenForo. Instead XF has so much going for it that the team was able to include incredibly small details like this "don't forget to save me" indicator.

XF has converted me from a potential customer to a devoted fan.



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I would also allow me to back your opinions about this delicious product. Although I have no experience with the forum software at all - and have a minor succes with my attempt to run a social community for disabled people..

In pursuit of some other platform I was also many places to read up on what existed of the forum software. Had taken the decision that it would be a paid product. Tested IPB, vb I knew from other places and by chance I landed here.

Checked out the forum, wrote some pre-sales email, got some nice answer and the way I felt welcome and the price of xf, did - that this was my choice.

Has not since been a second of doubt that this was and is the right decision for my and the way forward. My few users so far have been allowed to move over is nothing but excited about what they get instead.

Will also support Oracle and his assertion that the product at code level is easy to go to. I'm not a programmer but with help from Mike, Brogan and others I quickly got my problems solved. In the short time I have been a license holder and user of the system, I have 'learned' some of the other users to know - nice people, always ready with a helping hand.

Thanks for letting me be part of you and also thanks to the community.


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Wow, that IS interesting. It is such threads which make me feel really good, threads where I read about the small things that we encounter, especially as admins of our forums, which have been 'attended to' by XenForo in a way that makes our life easy. Lately, I have been finding myself spending too much time on "administrating" and "taking care of" my forums rather than being a part of the actual community...and that I really really miss.


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This forum is addicting! I find myself checking in just as much as I do on facebook. It feels so fluid and "chat like" using this Xenforo. Other forum softwares are a total bore and chore to use. They feel like work! Xenforo makes participating in forums fun again!!!