Browser issue  Lost Avatar after posting Quick Reply


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It appears when you use the Quick Reply in Google Chrome, the placeholder for the avatar in a post becomes white for your newest post you reply to a thread.


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I double and triple checked on three computers. It's affecting all three :\

Lemme do a screen capture and shove it up to youtube.


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I can confirm this happened a lot times before, but I can't reproduce it now. Chrome 7 / Win 7.


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I have seen others avatars like that temporarily, but it has never happened to me on FF


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Both reports of it are in Chrome 7, which is the beta version I believe (unless they snuck that out and I didn't realize :)). Given that I can't reproduce it in Chrome 6 and it's just a span with a background image specified, I have to guess this is a regression.


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Never seen it in Safari either, must be a Chrome thing. I'll try it out and let you know if I see it happening.