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When one uses the quick reply feature, if you have thread fields to use for the node, the end user has to be familiar with the software to know to select More Options. Several of my users, even after having it mentioned to them forget to do this, and they miss those fields that are normally there when you the Post Thread button.


I know there is an add-on that can force a template into the post prompting them to fill it out, but I prefer trying to avoid add-ons as much as possible to reduce dependency on them.
Is there a way to get the Quick Reply to expand when clicked as above to at least show the thread fields to complete?

The reason being is it is beneficial for others to know what settings were used for a capture.


I know I can make the fields required and they will show up then on the Quick Reply, but not all posts in that area require/have that data.
I'm slightly hungover this morning, so I may be slightly off the mark on what you are asking, am I right in thinking you want to get the quick thread section to show thread fields?

Like this that I have done on my site?

If so, the following post shows how.

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