looking forum software for gamers forum

Looking start new gamers forum, but would like it have links to psn and xbox live and stream, see there few steam addons was hoping for leaderboards and gaming reviews if theses addons where out there i be happy to buy xenforo today. see there few sites already there for gamers but i like add little more for your money thing :D

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I don't recall seeing any add-ons with such an extensive integration.

Though providing the APIs exist, it wouldn't be too difficult for an add-on developer to develop something like that.


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Why not add links to new pages on your forum where you can embed the psn, xbl and steam server pages via iframe.
I have it this way on my test forum here

I had a php script that would scrape the specific html class and then echo the results in a slide out tab on the right hand side of screen of my site marked with a fontAwesome controller icon.

But ever since the psn and xbl have reformatted their pages with JavaScript it's a lil more difficult so I saved a headache and just linked to pages within the forum.

The other tabs are in testing phase...mind you these tabs don't show on mobile only on desktop.

And add then pixel exits gamer profiles

And maybe this for when members are "twitch-ing"
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That's good idea. And have to day good looking site. I defo think bout this or see if I get someone develop something for me to add to be fair I don't need much do I xenforo offers a lot