Looking for Plugin Developer/Partner to convert addons.


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Looking for a plugin developer to work with me on converting successful forum software addons of that I have developed XenForo platform.

Compensation would be based on the following:
A monthly payment for initial development.
Then 50/50 on income after transaction fees from addons developed
Long term we would work out some kind of software support/maintenance/future updates payment structure.

Each major addon should take about 2 to 4 months to convert over. Should be faster once we have a framework/base to build up for each addon.
The software we would be converting over would be SMF based (procedural coding) php/mysql.

I will be developing along with you and will setup a subversion repository.

Looking for people only in the United States. Paid via check/paypal 1099 - Contractor.
Must have strong experience with XenForo and have developed plugins.
Nice to have design experience/UI.
I am looking for people with the time to get this done and be around for the long haul.

Any questions ask or pm me.