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Looking for other Coders / Designers + More


Well-known member
Hi Guys...

Most of you know me as "The guy who never got his Business going" Well i am trying to change that !! and well in order to that this in a timely manner i am looking to take on 1 or possible more Business partners to assist with this project: "Expert Pixels"

What I bring to the table:
  • Insane SEO Skill (Will / Can rank any website in #1 spot for the main keywords)
  • 10+ Years online EXP
  • Very Handy Coder (Jack of all platforms... Master of None)
  • Strong CSS / CSS3 Skills
  • Slowly learning JS (getting better each day)
  • HTML / HTML5 (still learning, but again very handy at it)
  • Produce very Unique Designs (Multiple platforms)
  • Love learning new things / Pick up on them very quickly
  • +++ More skills but i will await to see if anyone else is actually interested in joining me
Please get in touch if you are like-minded and are serious about running a full time business in the Design / Coding / Support game that surrounds Websites / CMS's / Forum Platforms / Possibly hosting & Customer Support etc etc.

Previously Steve (XF Member / Designer over at PixelExit.com) & Myself owned and ran the largest / most popular "vBulletin 4 Styles) business, Now I am looking to do this once more tho covering XenForo as the main platform but also a few other CMS / Forum platforms.

If you are indeed interested please get in touch with me, Id love to get the ball rolling ASAP.

Thanks for your time !! I hope to hear from some of you guys and gals shortly.

Regards, Darren