Looking for a potential add-on.



I know that this isn't the correct location for this thread but I am unable to post in the request section and only can here. I am currently deciding whether or not to purchase XenForo and switch from enjin but I would be in need of a certain add-on. Is there a way to create an addon that synchronizes tags with PermissionsEx in-game (Minecraft), /linkforums in game to register your in game character to your forums account, show your character's skin as the profile image, shows how long you have been online in game in total, and shows whether you are on/offline on the actual Minecraft server. If anybody is willing to take this on, please just keep in mind that we are a relatively low-budget server and cannot afford what this add-on is probably worth.


P.S - If there are already any free/relatively cheap add-ons that exist like this, please let me know!