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XF 1.4 Logo Image Too Small


Well-known member
You have a wrong code (maybe) in your EXTRA.css
go to ACP --> appearance --> templates --> and find extra.css
open it, then find this code: #logo img and edit the values.


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This is related to UI.X which you are using.

ACP > Style Properties > [UI.X] Logo

In "Logo Image Width" you will see 100px. Delete this (i.e. leave it blank) and save. This should resolve the issue.


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@Captured Enigma I note that you are using Comic Sans MS as the font in your menus. I would recommend that you change this to a more universal font as anyone not on a Windows device (e.g. a Mac, iPhone, Android device etc) will see an alternative font instead. Besides, Comic Sans really should not be used by anyone over the age of 11 with a few exceptions. ;)

You might want to take a look at these websites:



Also Google "Comic Sans" and you'll find a lot has been written about this font. :D