Loginshare with Kayako

I'm currently running a Kayako help desk and a separate vBulletin forum, but I'm planning to switch the forum to XenForo in the new year.

I'd really like to integrate the systems to reduce confusion, and I keep reading snippets (like this thread) about loginshare only making the user register on one site or the other, but I can't find much more information about it.

Is that possible? Has anyone actually got that to work between these two systems? Or what options do I have?

Thanks for your help!



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You would need some 3rd party to write a script to bridge them, it just depends on what level of integration you would like or require.


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I would like to know this too. I'm currently running Kayako but am looking for an alternative because all the problems caused by lack of integration.
Maybe @Jamie Edwards can tell us about this?

I am using KAYAKO with xenforo. I need same table for login and registration of both the section. I mean If someone will register on xenforo then he will also register on KAYAKO and vise versa.