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I know not much can be done about this as it's not from XenForo, but I've been having loading issues for a few hours here now, where things load, but they keep "loading," or I load a page and, for a very brief moment, it appears blank:


Imagine that's spinning.

Just wanted to see if anyone else is having similar issues.

Obviously, it appears to be a Twitter (?) issue, but we have sharing enabled on KH-Flare and I'm not having those problems there or on other XenForo forums with sharing enabled.

It's not every time, but just about.

Edit: The constant loading part seems to be mostly on the forum list.
Now it's apis.google.

But hm. Might be a cache glitch, because when I loaded this thread, it didn't scroll to your reply. So it loads everything, just not completely. If it doesn't clear up by the time I go to bed, I'll give clearing my data a try.

This thread is still "loading."
@Brogan, it was getting annoying, so I just cleaned data up early.

Looks like it was a glitch of some kind, because it's fixed now. :)
Don't think so. I think it was just a glitch, which likely came from the stupid power surge we had yesterday.

While other sites I was on got a mild form of it, XenForo seemed to be the one that was acting noticeably strange.
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