XF 2.0 Load template by ajax


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Hello, if I load a template by ajax

return $this->view('XF:Member\Listing', 'my_template_name', $viewParams);

this loads the full page structure, how do I load only the contents of the template?

Thank you!


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If you're doing this through XF's ajax systems/existing JS frameworks, this should generally happen automatically. You'll need to give more details about how you're calling this code.


Hello all!
I have the same question with this thread's starter and to extend it a bit.

Basically, I need some help about two issues:
1. Could anyone provide an example of XF.ajax which has as response an HTML template which its result goes to an #id element?

I have already achieve what I need via jQuery.get(), but:
-> when I put the response data to the div via jQuery('#myId').html(data.html.content);
... the result is a raw HTML appearing. Example: I will see <span style="color:blue;">blahblah</span> instead of "blahblah" test in blue color.

2. I had the same problem with thread starter: after the AJAX call, I'm receiving a full page structure, but I just need only the one template.
I solved it by adding: $this->setResponseType('json');
... before the view reply on the controller, so I'm getting the HTML then via "data.html.content", but I have the issue with the raw html described on #1.

The stuff on the internet and on xenforo.com about XF2 integrated javascript framework is very limited so I think the above are some interesting questions for now and next developers. :)

Thanks in advance for any information.