Not a bug  Little pagenav arrows looks different


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I wouldn't class the left arrow from the image above as nicely styled, it looks faint and faded to me.

Which browser and OS are you using?
They render slightly differently in each one.

This is Chrome on Win7 for example:


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looks like you still have very sharp eyes, Grover

but I guess Brogan is right (this time


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Yeah; they look fine for me too. Perhaps this would have to do with your whole non-antialiased(wrong word?) fonts? o_O


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You need to turn on text antialiasing. Fonts in 2011 are not intended to be viewed without it.
Trust me, when you using XP (okay, the argument of 2011 does apply to that! ;)) and turn on anti-aliasing it is horrendous (for me, and I am not the only one). As we discussed before... :



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Yes, I am familiar with your arguments. However, the fact remains that the modern web is intended to be viewed with antialiased text, and XenForo is no exception.