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XF 1.2 List of moderators to the right of the titlebar?

Stuart Wright

Well-known member
From a design point of view, is there any reason why a link to a modal list of the moderators for each specific forum couldn't go to the right of the titlebar?
Here is my quick mockup:



XenForo moderator
Staff member
No issues from a design point of view, it could be an overlay class.

It would require an add-on/php to automatically pull the moderators for each forum though.

Stuart Wright

Well-known member
Thanks. Just checking. We routinely ask members to contact a moderator, but they routinely ask how the can find one. The only way currently is via the forum list sidebar.

Stuart Wright

Well-known member
I wish I could, Andy. But there are two reasons why I can't. First, everything which pushes the content further down the page is a tiny bit bad for the site. As I understand it, google as well as all users like to have the actual content of the page as high up as possible. My suggestion above does not push the content further down. Unfortunately your addon does.
Second, we have lots of moderators, and showing them right where you have it could mean we have an unreasonably long list. This is why I suggested having a modal pop up showing them. In this way we could also highlight which mods are online now by showing them first.
So I appreciate your addon and letting me know, but in its current form, I can't quite use it.
Would you consider maybe tweaking it so there is an option to link to a modal list instead?