XF 2.2 How can the user information be transferred to the right of the message


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Hello friends
I would like to move the user information to the right of the message, but still leave the critical information for the message itself on the left
That's how PHPBB did it, and I find it easier to quickly read messages without the user information getting in the way
Here is an image that illustrates, the user name of the author of the message and the date of the message on the left, and general information about the user on the right1.png
Does anyone know how to help me??
This is what the legendary designer @Russ wrote to me

@media (min-width: (@xf-messageSingleColumnWidth  + 1))
    .message-inner .message-cell--user
        order: 2;
        border-left: 1px solid @xf-borderColor;
        border-right-width: 0;
        left: -1px;
        right: auto;
        transform: rotate(180deg);
    .message-inner .message-cell--main
        order: 1;

Place it into extra.less.

You'd need to edit the template "post_macros"

You could add this:
<li class="u-concealed message-attribution-user--top"><xf:username user="{$post.User}" defaultname="{$post.username}" /></li>

Right below:
<ul class="message-attribution-main listInline {$mainClass}">
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