Lack of interest Links to watched threads / forums in Account Details


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I went looking for Watched Threads and Watched Forums in the Account Details and discovered that they were no longer there as in XF1


I eventually found them in the menu instead ...


... which is fine.

However, given that they do still relate to your account (they are threads/forums you have personally watched), can I suggest that we also include links to them in the Account details screen?

Indeed, links to "Your content" and your "News feed" should also appear in the Account details list rather than being hidden in various menus or your profile menu.


At the moment there are three separate places where all your various content and information is stored ...
  1. Your Account details page
  2. Various navigation menus
  3. Your profile menu
I don't have a problem with those ... but can I suggest we make the "Account details" page the one place where you can get access to ALL relevant information about your profile and the content you have created or things that are important to you?

So include links to:
  • News feed
  • Your content
  • Watched threads
  • Watched forums
  • ... plus other watched content from addons such as media and resources, etc would presumably make sense to be added to that list if the addon developer chose to do so.
I think it would greatly help with usability and wouldn't really cost anything from a UI perspective to add to that menu.