watched threads/forums VS resources/categories


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Just look for both and you will find another thing that have not the same behaviour for rm/xf.
I will fix that for myself with a small new template, but this little piece and a lot of more should come out of the box, please.

I am shure that xenforo is to complicated for many, many people, because of such small things that are not consequent done.

Forums loose many. many users to that stupid facebook, to Whatsapp and other things.

For me it is more important than ever to make the behaviour of xf everywhere the same.

Bookmark articles, users, wiki (and extern links!)
Third menu in a way people can remember instead of jumping around.
Third menu everywhere where it makes sense.

Reactions everywhere where user‘s content should get a value done by users itself.
My fault, sorry.
I have added a third navigation for watched threads/forums, but not for watched resources/categories.
I have done it now. Now all links in submenues of the second navi have a third navi, so people save one click.
So it is easier than to fetch the links from the second navi.
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