Not a bug Avatar appears blurred in Account details

Affected version
XF 2.0


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I noticed when I changed my avatar, that the new avatar appears blurred in this Account details - screen:

blurred avatar.PNG

But in 'reality' ;)... it appears fine (sharp):

sharp avatar.PNG



Hmm... I guess XF reduced the file quality when uploading enlarges the displayed image somehow ? (Not sure... haven't used the software (or any software for that matter) in 2,5 years), so the following images are of a better help:

(I can't seem to upload sharp images... will come back to this later)

Edit 2: This report can be deleted. I assume it simply was my browser setting (zoom level) :oops: and it is unrelated to Xenforo itself.
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Confirmed... that is not a bug (well... outside of my brain that is :sleep:) overhere.

What I noticed initially is (with my browser zoom on 100% and OS zoom on 125% it turned out) that the Avatars in the above 2 screens were not equally sharp. And later upon closer inspection, sometimes the Avatar in threadview was sharp and sometimes not. Without changing any zoomlevels. Maybe Windows does not handle the consequences of such zoom settings too well?