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How can we link others to our searches on our forum? It seems they're given a unique id but they seem to not work for others.


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Kind of like the caching. That is neat! So for author can I use &author= ? How would threads be? search by author and list as threads?

For example let's say I wanted to search node #7 for posts by 'ashkir' listed as threads... Would it be like this?



you'll have to change this
// delete old searches
$db->delete('xf_search', 'search_date < ' . (XenForo_Application::$time - 86400));
in XenForo_CronEntry_CleanUp


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Will this change allow us to link to other searches? It's very annoying when trying to link a search result and it does not work for anyone but the person whom searched.

Digital Doctor

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This works.
Super Long but it works.


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We like to award some trophies for posting let's say 150 times in a specific group of nodes? Like Debater's Award for posting 40 times in the debate forum, we'd like them to be able to link to their search when applying for it.

Or MyB Guest with 200 posts in our MyB forum, we'd love if they can link to the search. A lot of our members aren't that savvy at it and needs things to be explained, and some of us do too, as it can be confusing constructing a get link each time so we can just link to the searches.

Edit: The caching system is fine. We're a large forum! It's just we want a better way to SHARE search results to someone else.

Jake Bunce

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Digital Doctor is correct. You need to specify the node_ids separately in the URL:



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Thanks! Is there a way to get the URL to give our members that get url so they can link to other people their searches? Instead of having to go through the hassle of manually figuring out how to edit that url?