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XF 1.3 Link to list of own / self-created threads


Well-known member
there were 2 links in the vB user profile:
  • find all posts by...
  • find all threads started by...
Here in xF I see only "Your content" whish is probably similar to "find all posts". I know that a user can find the threads he started by using the search but as far as I know it`s impossible (without installing add-ons) to permanently link to a search result.

Is there a way to create a "Find all threads started by me" link?

thank you - all the best,


Well-known member
Thanks Mike, that`s helpful. I had a look at the POST vars when using the advanced search as I wanted to do a search for threads started by a user in a selection of nodes. I found out that the nodes you want to search in are represented by

I tried to add those parameters to the member search like this:
but this has no effect.

So I think it would be good if there would be an option to display only threads started by this user in the advanced search dialogue. Currently, this is not possible. You can only search for all posts of a user in selected nodes and choose to display the results as threads only - but you can not limit the result to only threads that have been started by this user.