XF 1.2 Link Postbit Messages Count To List Of Messages For That User


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I really like having as many links and access points to data as possible. I was surprised that once I made "Messages" visible in postbit that clicking on the number didn't take me to a search / display of all that user's messages.

Is there a way to do this, to link the number and maybe even the text to the search page with all that member's posts?


On a related note, what about linking the "likes received" to a page that shows which content they posted has been liked?

Thanks much in advance for your help!!!


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Likes received works on a per user basis and can't easily be searched for:

As for messages, the install I have on 1.2.0 (and confirmed here) has them linked already:
                        <dd><a href="{xen:link search/member, '', 'user_id={$user.user_id}'}" class="concealed">{xen:number $user.message_count}</a></dd>
Have you modified message_user_info?


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OMG I'm such an idiot! For some reason when I was posting this it wasn't hyperlinking for me, but guess what... it sure is right now!

Ok, so this thread isn't totally useless... ;) Is there a way to link the "Likes Received" to show other users the likes you've received (vs. a member seeing their own likes received)? Basically making other people's likes public?