XF 1.5 Likes summary without names


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I had a search and couldn't find an answer for this, if there is one, please point me to it :)

Anyway, is there a way that I can have the likes summary without usernames being displayed?

At the moment, you have something like: "John, Barry, Alfonso and 23 others like this"

I would prefer just to have "26 likes".

Thank you


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There isn't really an built-in way to change that, but you could look at changing the likes_summary template to not use <xen:likes /> and just print out what you want.


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Hi Mike,

Thank you for the tip.

I think I'm getting things how I want them, I've put the like count in place of the phrase "{xen:if $post.like_date, {xen:phrase unlike}, {xen:phrase like}}", but when the link is clicked, it gets replaced with either "Like" or "Unlike" until the page is refreshed, how can I change it so that the like count is displayed all the time?

To help explain what I mean, at the moment, it works a bit like this...

Likes (34) > click "Like" > "Unlike" displays in place of "Likes (34)" > refresh page > Likes (35)

...how can I have...

Likes (34) > click "Like" > Likes (35) ?

Hope that makes sense

Thanks again