XF 1.1 I want to hide the likes summary - I'm half-way there!

So, using the likes_summary css, I've successfully used:

<xen:if is="{$threadId} == x">
This content will show in thread x
To hide the likes summary in a specific thread. Great!

Unfortunately, if a user presses "like" or "unlike" on a post, the summary appears. It will be gone if you re-load or refresh the page, but whatever script runs when you like or unlike a post is trumping my style.

So my question is - where can I access those like/unlike functions, and apply the same conditionals to make the likes summary totally invisible for the selected threads? I don't want to disable the functionality of like/unlike - I just want to disable the graphical display options which are clobbering my attempt to hide that information.


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In the message template surround this with the xen:if you used in post #1.

<div id="likes-{$messageId}"><xen:if is="{$message.likes}"><xen:include template="likes_summary" /></xen:if></div>