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The Like option is a good feature but I'm asking myself a simple question. What about adding a simple button or something like that that let the user Like a post or Don't Like it?

Should be an interesting feature. i like most posts in my forum but I don't like some of them and I'dl like to let the poster know this simply clicking on a "Don't Like" button.

What do you think?
This was talked about when XF first debuted and I think the conclusion from Mike and Kier was that they didn't want something that was an easy way to turn something negative, something along those lines...

I will say though I love this idea:

The +3 and -3, I think Jaxel's XenUtilities can do something like not not quite sure though.
Mhh, "I don't like" doesn't mean "I want to kill you". I see it as a simple mean to let the poster know that what he has written has something that could be, maybe, written in another way or exposed differently...
I also think there is a difference between liking something and agreeing with something....

I agree with anyone who thinks horrific crimes should not go unpunished...I don't like the idea that it even has to be conversational topic.

I think there may just be a gap in what you can cover with like/absence of like...however, I think this is something really suitable for an addon if anything...there is one that does this already (this), but if you needed something specific, you would need an addon made.

For me I can see something like agree/disagree would be great with no opinion being neutral completely fitting needs for ideas I have, that may not be the case with you, you may really want dislike and only the addition of dislike to compliment the like system.

In your case I would think it best to find a developer to make an addon which adds a place in the db to store user content dislikes and some basic math functions to subtract (likes - dislikes = overall popularity) for reporting as well as adding the display for the obvious places like the membercard where I assume you would want that displayed.
I used the like addon which has a dislike option. I had a few members blow a gasket because the thought it was negative so I stopped using the dislike.
it will never happen. kier puts it on the same level as... well, have a read:

There's absolutely nothing stopping an enterprising add-on writer from putting together a dislike system, XenForo is open and flexible enough to support it easily and I suspect it will be one of the first major add-ons produced.

But I won't be putting it into the core code, for much the same reason as I don't have a 'send abusive email to all members' button, which administrators could choose to enable or not.
I actually don't mind the like button. Yeah have had some clowns on other forums who misuse it and just like every post but yeah it's great if you use it correctly.
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