License Extension Fee / License Renewal Question


In your 'details' page of cost of products... its written

The 1-year extension provides access to support and updates for a year from the license's current support/update expiration date (or from the date of purchase, if the license is not active). Please note that your license must be up-to-date to access certain licensed customer areas, such as ticket support.
please elaborate:

Once I purchase and lets say three years goes by, and at that time want to activate my license so to update/upgrade ... I will be required to purchase from date that the license expired [2 years] in which activate, thus being 40 for one year, and 40 for the second year = $80 total ????

Thanks in advance for the explanation and time in this matter


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No "back pay"of fees you pay for upgrades when you want too. I for one waited about 8 months after my license expired then renewed and it of course only cost me $40.