Library folder question

I know this may be a daft questions but better safe than sorry...

When one downloads an addon there's usually the content of the upload folder to upload to the root of the forum folder on the server. In the contents of the upload folder there's usually a folder called Library and in the root of the forums folder there's a file called library.

My question is if i upload the contents of the upload folder to the root folder of the forums i'm going to be putting a library folder into a space where there's already a library folder.
Obviously i'm thinking about this the wrong way so is there anyone that can explain to me where i'm going wrong?

many thanks :D

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Don't worry, this confuses a lot of people.

The contents of the library folder you've downloaded and the contents of the library folder already on the server should merge together.

Another way of doing it is to open the library folder you have just downloaded and put the contents of that into the library folder that you already have. Does that make more sense?
ahh, yes, many thanks for that, i had a huge crash the other day because i deleted the folders I was uploading for an addon and binend the full library instead of the sub files in teh library.

Answer very much appreciated :D